Friday, 18 April 2014

Introducing Lunar Caustic

To celebrate Good Friday, what better way than introducing one of the many fruits of our collaboration, a project two years in the making between Melinda Gibson and Thomas Sauvin, here is Lunar Caustic!

"This collaborative intervention speaks of the resurrection and destruction of photography. Negatives salvaged from a predetermined acid induced demise, archived under Silvermine are re-envisioned anew. Images ultimately destined for ruin are now taken to the threshold of disappearance, frozen between stages, part rescued and part destroyed by the very compounds used and created, that of Silver Nitrate. This binding of the two processes creates a new space for interpretation, elevating the simplicity of the process, the final product, but furthermore echoing the spontaneous, uncontrollable nature of the damaged negatives, where gradual matter grows over the imagery. The resulting series shows through taming the organic, you can offer up new ways to see the seen and understand the understood, blurring the boundaries of what the medium can be."
Exciting, exciting times lie ahead of us, with many more images from our collaboration to be released soon, have a wonderful Easter!

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