Monday, 7 September 2009

Lamenting a Loss

Solo Show at Flowers East 15th July- 8th August 2009

Between 2008 and 2009 I have created a body of work that solely uses Instant film, primarily Polaroid in response to Polaroid announcing the closure of its factories.

These three series of work titled “Mortuary”, “Polaroid Portraits”, colorations and monochromes examine photography’s ability as a medium to offer up new ways of seeing, representing and objectifying the world in which we live.

Digitalisation has offered photography an extended life, yet through its accessibility it has become problematic and dysfunctional. Every new image can be deleted, retouched, manipulated. Moments that once captured a loss of control; accidental happenings are now lost and removed. Perfect pictures that everyday people hold dear, now dominate our modern digitalised view.  These images tell us little of the truth, the moment experienced by the sitter and photographer, instead those same shots are captured and recaptured again.

Through manipulation by hand, the works I have completed challenge the notion of reproduction. Each image is shot traditionally then the Polaroid is interrupted mid process and manipulation begins. Once set the image cannot be recaptured, altered or reproduced, it is an original.

The works challenge our ideas surrounding photographic representation; through the layering of unset chemical a portrait of a loved one or waiting room are mysteriously hidden beneath the manipulations. You as viewers are invited to unravel the information and use it to question your own preconceived ideas and images in relation to the subject.

Image shown is  ©  Melinda Gibson, "Charlie_ Colouration Portraits", 2009.

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