Thursday, 17 May 2012

Visual Library - Photomonth Krakow

"We have created a visual library because we like reading books. It is they that for us are a continual source of all ideas and an inspiration for new projects. We love the adventure that goes with communing with a book, the pleasure that comes from discovering the latest titles. We are drawn in by the book’s physicality, graphic layout, scent and the sound of leafing through pages. 

Books have accompanied us relentlessly throughout the work on the concept of the exhibition. Photography in Everyday Life is the title of a handbook written by Mikołaj Iliński and Jan Raczyński unearthed at a stall by Krakow’s Market Hall. Charlotte Cotton, the founder of the project, suggested persuading artists and publishers we know to help to create the library. We asked them to send us a book chosen by them with a dedication on the first page. We wish you happy reading."

So Charlotte got in contact and off I sent my chosen book to Poland last week.... no surprises really what I choose! Here is a small exert of what my dedication was;

"From canonisation, digestion, mass consumption to participation every layer has been examined and no book could do this better. Read it, hold it, feel it, make of it what you will, but keep the journey going." Melinda Gibson 10/05/12

It's the 10th Jubilee Edition of Photomonth Krakow and they really have got some amazing things going on so if you can get over please go and see what they are doing, it really is a very exciting Photography Festival. Unfortunately I can't attend this year but know it will be a great success, thank you Charlotte!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

New Elements - Nearly Finalised

So my meeting with my book designers, Kummer & Herrman went very well and we really managed to get so many elements finalised and now have a production schedule in place, meaning my forthcoming publication "The Photograph as Contemporary Art" is going to be launched in the next 4 months!

The production run will be small and everyone will now be handmade by me personally (with a little help.) Each page is going to be precisely and patiently stuck down, with 33 images and 33 textual pieces this is going to be quite a production line to set up, I am sure I will have to rally up the troops, to get them all lined up straight and in time for the launch later in the year!

The Special Edition element is looking fantastic, with only 33 made, each one will be signed, dated and put together in a particular way (it's still a secret so will let you all know very, very soon) and boxed up.

I am very excited indeed and will be sure to show you the process as and when it is happening. Until then, here are some visuals of what we are planning so far.

Foam, Film and Food

It's been a long time since I last had some time to blog and there are many exciting things going on! Firstly, a little trip off to Amsterdam to have some meetings,  off to Utrecht to see my book designers and finalise the details of my forthcoming publication, which is slowly coming together but it very well worth the wait! Then Foam Photography Museum and onto the new Film centre across from Amsterdam city to have a lovely lunch with Hans, Adrian, David and Jaap - thank you all very much for a lovely trip.

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