Friday, 19 October 2012

MC Motors, Wrapping Paper, Daido, Photoshoots

Wow, what a week! It started off last Friday and its been all go since then. Firstly a little dinner trip to MC Motors in Dalston to have an extraordinary dinner hosted by Jose Cuervo Traditional Tequila with the Art of Dining. It was an amazing venue that was beautifully designed by one of the team from AOD and we eat great food and drank rather too much beer and Tequila! 

Then onto a weekend packed of commission making and a surprise invitation to the Tate on Sunday to see Daido Moriyama make his new book live in the East Room, with wonderful views over the Thames. What an event it was, he had live silk screen printers making 2 versions of the cover, a wall covered head to toe in images that you yourself could order into sequence for your very own book! And a fare few people putting the books together in 30 minutes. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the book making and taking a break from that of my own to witness and be part of another fabulous idea by the great Daido Moriyama. The book is truly wonderful and it was an honor to be there, seeing it be made.

Then onto a Photo-shoot for an editorial piece about my new book in Material Girl coming out soon for the Fall issue. Great shoot with a lovely photographer called Marie Zucker taking my portrait. What a week and the next are coming thick and fast and with much of the same.

More commission news coming soon...

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Feature on Firecracker

As we come into October, Firecracker feature my new book for this month, here is a little except from the feature.

"The appropriation of iconic photographs by Cindy Sherman, Corinne Day and Juergen Teller feature in a new conceptual photography book by British artist Melinda Gibson. The project, originally inspired by the book by the same name from international curator Charlotte Cotton, Gibson has trasformed her collages in a unique book collaboration with Dutch design duo Kummer & Herrman. 

Gibson's new book features the rearrangement of images from familiar photographs to create multilayered compositions. Each series of collages and accompanying texts have been printed as stickers, which Gibson then fixes into a unique book by hand. Every editions takes the artist up to three hours to complete, and is numbered with the exact time and date of completion. Amsterdam’s much-anticipated Unseen Photo Fair recently played host to a live performance based launch of the book which involved Gibson showcasing this labour of love by constructing one live." 

 See here:

Order the books now from

Back to share the stories

So I am back after quite a long time away and what an amazing set of events unraveled themselves along the way. Firstly, Unseen in Amsterdam and what a truly great new photo fair that certainly did have that festival flair! The space was an old gas works, which meant that all the galleries were given a slice of the circle. The opening was a great night, with all the Dutch locals out in style including Viktor & Rolf. The fair seemed to be a great success and I highly recommend attending next year.

Now, my first Book Launch in Tegenbochvanvreden Gallerie was a real success, many people turned up to see 1 book being made in front of their eyes and with a lovely introduction to the work by one of the directors, we all sipped sparkling wine and had a great night!

Then onto the following day where I spoke at Unseen Speakers Corner, part of the new Foam Talent Launch, (although I was a winner in 2010) with Marcel Feil. It was a very interesting talk, talking amongst the new winners about their work and what Photography meant to all of us.

Then onto a Master's Dinner were we enjoyed a fantastic meal, plenty of wine and much talk about Photography then onwards to the party, which was very funny and very enjoyable, a great 5 days, then en route to France!

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