Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rachel Whiteread

While I was at the Tate Britain I decided to go and see Rachel Whiteread’s new exhibition and was completely blown away by her stunning drawings. The Tate explains the show as offering us,

“….a rare opportunity to explore her works on paper, most of which have never been shown before in a public gallery.

These collages and drawings provide a fascinating and intimate insight into the creative process behind Whiteread's work. While her sculptures are often large-scale and involve a team of fabricators, these paper works provide a more personal, mobile counterpoint. Nevertheless, they also share many of the themes familiar from her public commissions: texture and surface; void and presence; and the subtle observation of human traces in everyday life.”

There is such tenderness in her craftsmanship, they are thoughtful, sensitive and beautifully painted. I found the postcard series very inspiring and useful to me for research into new works that I am thinking about.

The images above and below are ones I found particularly inspiring and I suggest anyone to go and see this wonderful exhibition.

All works copyright Rachel Whiteread.

Tate to Tate

I have been enjoying a very cultural weekend, Saturday at Frieze Art Fair then off to the Tates today! I have been meaning to visit the Tate Britain to see the Muybridge exhibition for a while now so decided that I should do both, as I wanted to see the new Turbine installation at the Tate Modern.

The above pictures are of the new Unilever series by artist Ai Weiwei, called Sunflower Seeds 2010. This installation is beautiful, every sunflower seed is hand made of porcelain and there are 100 million in the turbine hall, every seed apparently identical is in fact a unique piece in its own right, bringing questions about China's economy and the geo-politics that surround the country. It is a stunning piece, a must see!

There is also a wonderful documentary about the making of the project at the Tate and online here

Frieze Art Fair

And now it's closed! Having missed the last couple of years, this year I managed to get to Frieze twice, once for the private view and once more on Saturday. All I can say as it is incredibly overwhelming, inspiring and rather hectic, all in all, the standard experience of an Art Fair.

I was very pleased to see such a wonderful spread of Photography, so many great galleries exhibiting it in all its forms. From Gursky's to Demand's, Tillmans' to Pascual's every corner you turn another photographic form. It is hard to recall all the great works that I saw and the galleires that exhibited them, but a must mention is Matthew Marks, Maureen Paley, Taka Ishii Gallery and Casey Kaplan.

There was some truly brilliant drawings by Francis Alys at David Zwirner, some stunning Peter Fischli & David Weiss black and white sculptural photographs at Matthew Marks and at Zero, a collection of red moleskin diaries opened and framed, simple yet effective. Above and below are a few snaps I took of the works.

All rights of work are reserved to the artists mentioned above, Francis Alys, Fischli Weiss, Marlo Pascual and Zero Gallery

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New feature on iGNANT

My series "The Photograph as Contemporary Art" has been featured on this wonderful German Blog iGNANT, a top spot for contemporary art, photography and design. It is well worth a look,

Friday, 8 October 2010

Image featured on the Telegraph website

The Telegraph online features images from the Flash Forward Festival in Toronto, currently on, and one of my images has been featured!

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

1000 Words Feature online now!

Read more from the essay by Natasha Christia and see more of the images at

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