Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rachel Whiteread

While I was at the Tate Britain I decided to go and see Rachel Whiteread’s new exhibition and was completely blown away by her stunning drawings. The Tate explains the show as offering us,

“….a rare opportunity to explore her works on paper, most of which have never been shown before in a public gallery.

These collages and drawings provide a fascinating and intimate insight into the creative process behind Whiteread's work. While her sculptures are often large-scale and involve a team of fabricators, these paper works provide a more personal, mobile counterpoint. Nevertheless, they also share many of the themes familiar from her public commissions: texture and surface; void and presence; and the subtle observation of human traces in everyday life.”

There is such tenderness in her craftsmanship, they are thoughtful, sensitive and beautifully painted. I found the postcard series very inspiring and useful to me for research into new works that I am thinking about.

The images above and below are ones I found particularly inspiring and I suggest anyone to go and see this wonderful exhibition.

All works copyright Rachel Whiteread.

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