Thursday, 30 August 2012

In Appropriation

New Show opens next Friday 7th September in Houston, Texas at the HCP. Curated by Aaron Schuman, who also has written the foreword to my book has a curated this exhibition which includes just 5 photographers; Broomberg & Chanarin, Seba Kurtis, Esther Teichmann and Michael Wolf.

In Appropriation’ presents a selection of contemporary photographers who directly instigate strikingly new photographic work through the appropriation of pre-existing imagery – whether it be found, historical, canonical, personal, archival or otherwise. 

‘Appropriation’ has been an important conceptual strategy within the visual arts for nearly a century.  But in the case of the artists presented here, this act is not purely a matter of taking an image from one context – be it history, advertising, or the vernacular – and placing it within another: that of the gallery, the museum, ‘fine art’.  Instead, these photographers are carefully examining, incorporating, and then transforming – or riffing off of –such pictures in an effective, engaging, and incredibly original manner.  

Within the digital age, photography’s past and present (and in a sense, its future) have collapsed and merged, and at the same time have been revealed to be seemingly infinite and ever-growing.  This exhibition represents a new generation of practitioners who are harnessing the power of this collective mass of imagery, and are using it to instigate and inspire brave new forms of critical inquiry, creative experimentation, political engagement and personal expression.

On The Printing Press

So, its all go! Last Wednesday I flew to Amsterdam to head over to my printers Robstolk in central Amsterdam. I was collected by Jacqueline at the airport and we arrived in the early morning to a wealth of printing activity. The black and white plates for the interior book sheets had already been on and all the material was waiting my approval on palettes. 

After the final approval of the text pieces, the full colour plates where put onto the printing press and sticker production started! It was an incredible day, working with the printers to colour balance all the pieces and see the printing press in action - what an amazing machine. 

The images above are just a little insight into what the printing press looked like and the stunning objects that were positioned around the studio, that I just had to record. I have made a small film about the entire process, which I will upload as soon as it has been finalised.

Until then, the books arrive in 2 days time with 13,200 stickers to stick into each! I will update you as soon as they have arrived.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Tanks & Hirst

So in between all meetings in Amsterdam with my book designers, proofing and signing off everything book related, I managed to get to the Tate Modern to take a look at the new exhibition spaces, "The Tanks" and of course the Damien Hirst exhibition. Well what can I say, if you haven't been to the Tate recently it is an absolute must. The new space is incredible, it was very reminiscent to the Palais du Tokyo in Paris, with the raw, untreated concrete walls and bold architectural shapes creating new and interesting little spaces within spaces in the galleries. I was completely excited by this new area and with many films playing, the light was beautiful.

Then it was off to see the Retrospective of Damien Hirst. I have always liked the work of Hirst, but found myself less interested, excited in the last few years, until now. The show was very strong and really altered, (in some ways brought me back to my early thoughts) on his practice. It was great to see the 80's early sculptures, bold coloured boxes and spot paintings, then onto the cow's head and flies installation piece, which was fascinatingly interesting, literally watching a passage of time where life and death coexist with of one another so overtly. My favourite room however, was the Butterfly room, where you walk into a humidified room, filled with Butterfly lava and stunning live, flying butterflies than land on the canvases against the walls and onto the audience if you stand there long enough - I was there with a beautiful petrol blue butterfly on my arm - amazing experience. Such a special idea, but what an effect it has on you as you watch life and death and the beauty both produce. The show finishes in early September so if you haven't been yet it is worth a trip.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

One Of The Most Exciting And Insane Books

So the last meeting happened and wow what a concluding meeting it was. One of my designers said "It's one of the most exciting and insane books I've ever worked on." So with that in mind I can now say that the entire book is going to be made from Stickers! 

With 33 images each one with their textual counterparts, that's 66 stickers to place into one book, so its going to take sometime. Every one is going to be handmade and above is a sneaky peak of the final layouts and design, including the Special Edition packaging, although this will be a little different, so those of you that have pre ordered this will have a lovely surprise when you get it!

Next stage is the printing, so I will be heading off to Robstolk in Amsterdam city centre in the next few weeks to see the printing press in action, I am very excited about this and will be working on a making off video too of the entire production.

Until then.....

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