Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Tanks & Hirst

So in between all meetings in Amsterdam with my book designers, proofing and signing off everything book related, I managed to get to the Tate Modern to take a look at the new exhibition spaces, "The Tanks" and of course the Damien Hirst exhibition. Well what can I say, if you haven't been to the Tate recently it is an absolute must. The new space is incredible, it was very reminiscent to the Palais du Tokyo in Paris, with the raw, untreated concrete walls and bold architectural shapes creating new and interesting little spaces within spaces in the galleries. I was completely excited by this new area and with many films playing, the light was beautiful.

Then it was off to see the Retrospective of Damien Hirst. I have always liked the work of Hirst, but found myself less interested, excited in the last few years, until now. The show was very strong and really altered, (in some ways brought me back to my early thoughts) on his practice. It was great to see the 80's early sculptures, bold coloured boxes and spot paintings, then onto the cow's head and flies installation piece, which was fascinatingly interesting, literally watching a passage of time where life and death coexist with of one another so overtly. My favourite room however, was the Butterfly room, where you walk into a humidified room, filled with Butterfly lava and stunning live, flying butterflies than land on the canvases against the walls and onto the audience if you stand there long enough - I was there with a beautiful petrol blue butterfly on my arm - amazing experience. Such a special idea, but what an effect it has on you as you watch life and death and the beauty both produce. The show finishes in early September so if you haven't been yet it is worth a trip.

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