Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Magnificent & Marvellous Mexico - I Miss You

So I find myself back from Mexico City just over a week and I am already missing the warmth, generosity, excitement and forever inspiring moments that came from magnificent and marvellous city! 

Mexico has always been a country that I've dreamed of visiting and I can honestly say that I was beyond excited, but also very much deeply moved by all that I experienced in the nine days I was there. There are moments in your life when you feel truly humbled and honoured that your artistic practice can take you to places far and wide, and this city, the people, the inspiration I witnessed has left me feeling moved in a way I wasn't quite expecting. 

To hear the stories from the participants of the workshop, Brad and I delivered were both emotive and strong, but also very divisive. To listen to the things people see everyday and are trying to fight against, was incredible to hear, but also to see how their creative, cathartic approaches through each of their practices helped to release powerful visual images, that all brought together resulted in a beautiful subverted 'Red Magazine'

From Roma to the Pyramids, every moment, corner explored was a delight and I must extend my huge thanks to all that people that managed to make this happen. Enormous thanks to all at ROSEGALLERY who patiently prepared and organised the shipment of the works from Santa Monica to Mexico City, to all at Centro de la Imagen who installed, worked on and opened their arms to my arrival, to new friends and colleagues like Natasha and Mariela who are just extraordinary women - deeply moved and honoured to have worked with you all. And Mexico, I shall be back very, very soon indeed! 

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