Monday, 30 December 2013

Saying Goodbye

2013. What a year it has been. There has been much fun, laughter, success and much sadness and tears, but with all the ups and downs one thing has been constant, my love and passion for my medium, photography. I can't truly explain how lucky I feel that I have outlet, a space where all my thoughts and ideas can develop into my unique vision. Where my experiences shape how I view and understand the world and the environment in which I live and how through imagery I can make my future.

So with this, a few days to go before the start of a promising, positive and successful new year, I let go of all the experiences, felt and lost, and finally say goodbye to my dearest friend, who would this year have had a very special birthday and bid him a fond farewell, this journey has now reached its end. 

Here's to 2014!!!

Emaho Magazine Miss Titus Review


As 2013 nears to an end, I am very pleased to say that my second publication is proving to be a great success with only a few copies left and great reviews! So with this in mind, here is a great new piece from Emaho Magazine written by Colin Pantall, here is a little excerpt from the piece.

"So Miss Titus is an investigation in some way. The first thing I notice about it is the beautiful packaging. The first layer is loose tissue, the next is orange paper (with the title mirrored in white) and then more tissue stuck with orange stickers (like the ones you get to mark sold works at some exhibitions).....

So after an inordinate amount of time and consideration, far more time and consideration than I normally give to photobooks. i get cutting. I can see a shadow of the first image on the visible page and when I cut, I see the original. it's a picture of a semi-nude woman (from Hawaii maybe) wearing a garland of leaves around her neck. Opposite there's a picture from Chicago of a semi-nude woman with fairy wings. I go back to the caption. it's Muriel Page and the visible caption says her '...wings are burned from her back many times a day on the stage of the Harding Theatre...' What does that mean. Back to the picture and still I'm none the wiser. I'll be puzzling over that for the rest of the day."

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Christmas Card Homage

A Christmas Card Homage! This year I decided that what better way to thank my clients, colleagues, collaborators, friends and family than a specially handmade limited edition Christmas Card. So with that idea,  I put it into practice and designed four different cards all in Homage to the great John Baldessari! I have since a child been an avid fan of this genius conceptual artist and couldn't think of a better way to pay my inspirational respects and produce some work inspired and homaged to him.

The source visual material is from the old black and white classics from the 1930's and 1940's, the traditional Christmas films, interworked with that 'Baldessari' style, with an added element of glitter of course! The cards are made in a Limited Edition of 40 plus AP's  (each card in an edition of 10) and are signed on the back of each and every one. Just a little thank you to all for the support and guidance you have all shown over this last year, I look forward to working with you all more in the not too distant future. 

Homage to Baldessari, “Holiday Inn, 1942” Mixed Media,  2013 
Homage to Baldessari, “It’s A Wonderful Life, 1946" Mixed Media, 2013
Homage to Baldessari, “Miracle on 34th Street, 1947” Mixed Media, 2013 
Homage to Baldessari, “A Christmas Carol, 1938” Mixed Media, 2013

Cards are now posted, so what one will you get??? 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Louis Vuitton Exclusively Represent The Special Editions of "Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac" In The New Bond Street Librairie

I am very, very, very proud to announce and release that Louis Vuitton are exclusively representing the Special Editions of my new publication, "Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac" at their New Bond Street Maison Librairie. 

With our continued relationship, the New Bond Street store now represent both of my publications, "The Photograph As Contemporary Art"  and "Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac" in the Special Editions. Both publications are positioned beautifully in a dedicated space, alongside their prints and artist information to view. 

I am completed honoured to be working with Louis Vuitton, its a stunning space to view and purchase incredible books and editions from the most iconic and prolific British artists and I am overwhelmed that I share a space with Jake & Dinos Chapman!

Dayanita Singh & Ana Mendieta

Before I flew to Australia, I had a wonderful trip to the Hayward Gallery with a collector/ friend to see these two extraordinary female artists, Dayanita Singh and Ana Mendieta. As I realise that these exhibitions are due to close on 15th December, I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone, anyone who shares a passion about photography, photo books, truth, innovation, ritualism and design and the body must see these shows before they close, they have to be some of the strongest exhibitions I have seen throughout they year. 

The Hayward for me is always a beautiful space to see major exhibitions and again they did not fail in producing and curating two empowering shows, that guide you through the lives living and lost of the two artists, Dayanita and Ana. As you walk into the ground floor, you open the door into the Mendieta show, knowing very little about this artist, I was straight away griped by the intensity, the power of her works, as she uses her body as a medium in very sense. Striking photographs depict her breasts, buttocks, stomach pressed against a piece of glass, re -enactment's of rape scenes and abstract films dominate the first few rooms. Paintings with Ox blood, the use of the tactile as Ana Mendeita puts all her strength into painting with her hands, scrapping paint down the paper, her extraordinary passion ignites every part of you.  The use of her body within her works is stunning, wrapping, positioning and covering her naked body ritualistically into the natural environment, but also her defiance, determination to record every artwork in such a archival, informative manner was so interesting to see. A truly prolific female artist and such a tragedy she died so young, its a must see show, with an energy difficult to put into words.

Then onto the wonderful Dayanita Singh and her show, as the Hayward states, " a landmark project" and it was surely that. "Go Away Closer"  is a stunning exhibition that physically visualises Singh's use of Photography as a medium. Using her imagery, intermixed with incredible design, Singh creates large wooden structures called museums that hold between 70-140 photographs in compartments that open and close, can be moved and positioned, folded and packed away. Each museum  has a curated theme and Dayanita's strong black and white imagery sit within these framed sections creating an inspiringly new way to see her imagery and the narratives that are within them. These structures are not small and the dark wood has a warm, yet slightly domineering element to them, a strength that states, we are here to stay.  It was a truly exciting and fresh way to see her works, using photography as a tool, that can be fashioned into design and where you can see in a different way. Beautiful!  

Monday, 2 December 2013

Miss Titus Now At 25Books & Deichtorhallen - Book Store at The House Of Photography!

While I have been away promoting my book on the other side of the world, my wonderful publishers have been busy promoting in Europe! I am very, very proud to say that our new publication, "Miss Titus Becomes A Regular Army Mac" is now available at the wonderful 25books in Berlin and the amazing Book Store in The House of Photography at Deichtorhallen Hamburg! It is a complete honour to have the publication with such incredible stockists!

25Books describe the book as, " A very peculiar artist book, a challenge for book lovers. A mean game of imagination, curiosity and inhibitions." 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

And Final Stop Sydney...

Finally my last stop was Sydney and a well earned break was needed! So off to Bondi I went, to stay with some friends and enjoy all that this new city had to offer and have sometime to see the sights and sit back and relax for a few days. Having been to Sydney twenty years ago, a lot had changed and it was so nice to see all that was new and all that I remembered from my previous trip. So of course I had to head to the Harbour to see the Bridge, the Opera House, pancakes on the Rocks and visit the MCA where Yoko Ono had her new exhibition, "War Is Over, If You Want It." Not being a real fan of Yoko's I was intrigued to see the show and in fact left the exhibition feeling very inspired and found the participatory exhibits very interesting indeed, as one could remove pieces of a puzzle, glue ceramics back together as well as stamping the walls covered with maps! Interesting ideas.  

After a few days visiting the sights, back to Bondi to truly take sometime to stop and relax. It was quite amazing waking up every morning to 1 hour meditation and a 10 minute walk to the beach. Then to take 30 minutes to do the coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte and have breakfast in one of the many brilliant little cafe's alongside the beaches, true bliss! Bondi is as trendy as I expected and a completely different life to that in London, as the relaxed atmosphere, sea air makes for the most warm and friendly folk, I don't think I have seen so many happy people in one city! A wonderful time was had and ending with a wonderful dinner at Icebergs over looking Bondi at night, a massive thank you to my amazing friends who made me smile every second of everyday, it was a pleasure sharing it with you, miss you already! 

Then it was back to the airport for the flight home, 23 hours then I flew into T5 early morning to the misty, magical city London, and its good to be back, much was learnt and much planned for the future!

Second Stop Melbourne...

So my second stop brought me to Melbourne for a Workshop working with the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive and an Artist talk at the Edmund Pearce Gallery. The trip was only a short one, with 2 days in the city, just enough time to meet and work with some lovely people and the see the sights/ night life delights of Melbourne!

The Workshop was a complete success, working with a small group of lovely ladies as well as Daniel from the Asia-Pacific Archive. The workshop was centred around the idea of appropriation, using the book format as both the raw source material as well as the resolution. Working with found material, books from Australian op shops brought a wealth of inspiration for all, both historically and culturally a new insight for my own practice also. The participants excitement, openness and talent made for a very enjoyable day, whereby the end saw completed book dummies presented and some really interesting ideas and books where made, so huge congratulations to all. It was a pleasure to work with all the participants and not to mention, sharing the night life of Melbourne too... especially the Gin Palace, Cabinet and The Supper Club - great end to a great day!

The next evening saw my artist talk with the wonderful Dan Rule from Perimeter books and the wonderful Heidi Romano from Unless You Will at the Edmund Pearce Gallery in the city centre. The talk was very interesting indeed, with some great questions and very good audience participation. Having Dan Rule, director of Perimeter books bringing forward some insightful ideas around publishing and Heidi's thoughtful analysis of my practice, made for a very well balanced and honest talk around my practice and book making. A thoroughly enjoyable evening indeed! 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in my Melbourne trip, you made it a pleasure and shared with me all that the city had to offer, so thank you so very much. For those who haven't yet visited Melbourne, it is one to see if in Australia.

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