Monday, 30 December 2013

Saying Goodbye

2013. What a year it has been. There has been much fun, laughter, success and much sadness and tears, but with all the ups and downs one thing has been constant, my love and passion for my medium, photography. I can't truly explain how lucky I feel that I have outlet, a space where all my thoughts and ideas can develop into my unique vision. Where my experiences shape how I view and understand the world and the environment in which I live and how through imagery I can make my future.

So with this, a few days to go before the start of a promising, positive and successful new year, I let go of all the experiences, felt and lost, and finally say goodbye to my dearest friend, who would this year have had a very special birthday and bid him a fond farewell, this journey has now reached its end. 

Here's to 2014!!!

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