Monday, 30 December 2013

Emaho Magazine Miss Titus Review


As 2013 nears to an end, I am very pleased to say that my second publication is proving to be a great success with only a few copies left and great reviews! So with this in mind, here is a great new piece from Emaho Magazine written by Colin Pantall, here is a little excerpt from the piece.

"So Miss Titus is an investigation in some way. The first thing I notice about it is the beautiful packaging. The first layer is loose tissue, the next is orange paper (with the title mirrored in white) and then more tissue stuck with orange stickers (like the ones you get to mark sold works at some exhibitions).....

So after an inordinate amount of time and consideration, far more time and consideration than I normally give to photobooks. i get cutting. I can see a shadow of the first image on the visible page and when I cut, I see the original. it's a picture of a semi-nude woman (from Hawaii maybe) wearing a garland of leaves around her neck. Opposite there's a picture from Chicago of a semi-nude woman with fairy wings. I go back to the caption. it's Muriel Page and the visible caption says her '...wings are burned from her back many times a day on the stage of the Harding Theatre...' What does that mean. Back to the picture and still I'm none the wiser. I'll be puzzling over that for the rest of the day."

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