Sunday, 9 July 2017

Lunar Caustic Chapter II Begins...

It may seem that I have been very quiet lately and indeed I have been. The months seem to be flying by and we are already half way through the year, the Summer is in full swing with festivals and delights to be consumed. But as quiet as I have been, much thought has been playing in my mind. With two projects being worked on over the summer, the fruits of my labour will be released later in the year and early next. But what excites me greatly is the opportunity for me to work on a new chapter of Lunar Caustic as the archive grows, so does this series. With every new image, an opportunity to re look, revision and recreate new works that blur the gaps between the years and flourish the series. 

I am delighted to now have the new archive, safe at home and ready to be edited! With a new selection of 350,000 images, it will certainly be a new journey, but one that I am so excited to be running through once more. Today the archive was opened and such amazing imagery has already been found. Some truly tender shots, intermixed with the array of weddings, lovers, babies, holidays and an abundance of portraiture. Each folder I open, my eyes widen and my inspiration grows, it is wonderful to see how the archive provides such a mix of visual stimulation. I've already edited over 17,000 this afternoon and this week will see many more put through my conceptual scrutiny. I await the next folder with bated breath and know this new chapter will truly add to the series. Inspired once again!

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