Friday, 22 January 2016

Critic's Choice - 'In Santa Monica, Photography That Likes To Break The Rules' - LA Times

"Ever since the earliest photographic technologies, bushwhackers have willfully deviated from marked trails, but never, it seems, have more renegades tweaked convention than in the past decade or two. Digital processes have dematerialized photography, and artists have taken it upon themselves to rematerialize it in inventive, idiosyncratic ways."

Very, very pleased to see that my current group exhibition at ROSEGALLERY has been selected as the Critic'c Choice in the LA Times. The article talks of the exhibition, "Her First Meteorite, Volume 2" at the gallery and Leah Ollman writes about the show.

It articles details, "Melinda Gibson and Thomas Sauvin's "Lunar Caustic" images are the oddly urgent consequences of an act of rescue followed by an act of violation. The prints, made from a salvaged archive of Chinese vernacular negatives, have been bathed in acid, distorting their hues and tones, freckling the surfaces with rusty spots. The records have been preserved, only to be handed over to the forces of entropy."

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Getting Ready For 2016, Texts, Talks & Chemically Stained Fingertips - The Next Chapter.

So 2016 has arrived and I can't believe just how quickly the time is going already, how can November be booked up. Before I know it, I'll be preparing Christmas Cards and writing my wish list to Mr Claus himself! 2015 was an extraordinary year, with many exciting exhibitions and adventures and I have a distinct feeling that 2016 is going to be no different - just the way I like it.

2016 kicks off with talks and lectures. I am very pleased to be continuing my lecturing at Camberwell College of Art, but will also be doing some one off talks around the country at different universities; my first this year will be the wonderful Bournemouth University.

I am very pleased to say that I will be talking at The Photographers' Gallery in February, to the launch a new magazine, Co-Curate, where I contributed a piece of writing to the project. This new limited edition magazine is co-curated by Isabelle Evertse and Aaron Schuman, taking the idea of collaboration and pairing off writers with artists. More coming on the launch and the surrounding events soon.

And very, very, very excitingly, I have another set of Lunar Caustic images awaiting me, as another 300, 000 negatives get sent for my perusal - I can't wait!!! More to come on the next chapter, but I eagerly await the delivery and prepare my hands for the Silver Nitrate!

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