Friday, 27 July 2012

Wynton Marsalis' Swing Symphony

So as my book is well on the way, I decided to take a well earned break and head to the Barbican for the fourth time this year to see the LSO play. But this time a little something different - Wynton Marsalis' Swing Symphony! All I can say is what an extraordinary, beautiful, inspiring thing to see!

It was like sitting and listening to the best Jazz that you have ever heard, mixed together with the complexity of the Orchestral sounds and visionary experience. The atmosphere was great, people dancing in their seats and a real sense of excitement and anticipation on every string strung and every trumpet blown. Wynton, a true genius was incredible and at times it felt as if we were all in an old New Orleans bar, sipping Bourbon.

What a pleasure, and it has given me some new ideas too. Something to top the Olympics - easy!

See more from Wynton Marsalis here:

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Book Production Starts!

So it starts! The design has been confirmed and now onto production. My book is now underway and all files are being treated, prepared for the printers. The textual pieces are proving more complex than anticipated, but producing a book of this kind, the production side was always going to be complicated.

Foreword and concluding texts have been written and by two people, who can only be described as perfectly matched to this project and I am honored to have them onboard. A little sneaky peak of the texts follows.

"Having liberated these photographs from the conceptual and commercial confines of ‘Contemporary Art’ – the context within which they were admittedly born, flourished, and in many cases, for which they were precisely intended – and by melding, merging, and re-engaging with them in her own unique way, Gibson allows them to cross a particularly poignant threshold, into a more unmitigated and arguably more suitable realm: that of Photography itself."

"I think Melinda’s collages work brilliantly, much better than anything I could write, at showing how art photography as a subject is full of contradictions and visual pleasures."

It’s very exciting and within the next 2.5 months, they will be ready to be sold!

More updates on the production as and when it happens.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Commission News

So, I realised once again that I have not posted for a while and wanted to ensure you that I am now back! Arles was a good little trip away, a great exhibition by Sophie Calle was my highlight, but I will post some images of her show later.

Firstly, as I am in the middle of this, my very exciting and quite unbelievable commission for one of my most and my sisters, as well as my dear friend Trushar's favourite fashion designers, I had to share a little of the process! I can't show you the actual pieces yet, but its only a few weeks to wait until I can share all the news! All I can say is it an absolute pleasure working on this and with so much amazing material sourced from the team in Paris, the new collages are looking great.

More news to share soon, I promise!

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