Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Sneak Preview

Have a sneaky peak at the new Foam "Talent" issue online here http://www.foammagazine.nl/issues?aid=30

Above is the first page of my portfolio, only 9 days until you can purchase it! Congratulations to all the other winners, the issue looks fantastic!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Jack Pierson

The above piece, titled "Pola Negria" 2010 is currently on show at the Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris. It is part of a new show by Jack Pierson which opened on the 6th July and closes on the 6th September.

This piece above is beautiful and the show presents a collection of new sculptures, drawings and photographs that have been described as a "show in which his works resonate thematically, conceptually and formally, establishing a contemplative, highly wistful meditation on work, creation and the perils of time." Zoe Stillpass for Frieze Magazine.

Image copyright Jack Pierson.

A Photographer's Account

I came across this article today, and it is a must read! The piece is written by Michael Grieve on the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests and can be found online at the Foto8 Blog.

The text is powerful, compelling and quite shocking, as Grieve describes his experience of photographing at the protests and taking part in the IPCC Investigation into the tragic death of Mr Tomlinson. Below is a quote that shows just how important photography is, but how little it is understood.

"But photography did not fail that day. It recorded evidence as best it could from professionals, amateurs, to the unauthored CCTV. All photographers acted with total professionalism, doing their job, and not, as the police may these days accuse us, acting like potential terrorists or paedophiles, or whatever they decide to pull out of the hat." Michael Grieve

Image copyright Michael Grieve.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

DMB Media Tweet

David Birkitt, (DMB Media) on twitter has tweeted my news about Foam Magazine! Look here, http://twitter.com/dmbmedia

Talent Issue 24

Exciting News! I have been selected as 1 of the 15 artists by Foam Magazine for this years Talent issue, out on the 9th September 2010. Check out the link here, and keep an key out on Foam's website for details, http://www.foammagazine.nl/talent

Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Montages

Here are some new montages that I have completed, titled left to right, "Photomontage XXVIII", "Photomontage XXIV" and "Photomontage XXVII". So far there are 27 photomontages in the series and counting!

All images copyright Melinda Gibson 2009-2010.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dayanita Singh

This series above titled, “Sent a Letter” is by Dayanita Singh. I came across this work while researching artists for my project 90 Days. I have been thinking long and hard about what format would suit this work in progress and feel that this intimate, soft, tactile book format is well worth a try.

I have objects of great importance to me, from my dearest friend, some his, some of mine, some of ours, all very beautiful memories. A document of these objects, texts, and times sitting alongside the funeral text could work very well. I would want them to very small, precious and tactile, as if to act as a memorial to his life.

I will keep updating as and when I get closer to a resolution, but I feel that this will take some time, as my grief changes, so too will the project.

Photography is Easy, Photography is Hard

Another worthy read from Mr Graham, here is an exert from the text written for Yale University MFA Graduation book in 2009,

"But if it's everywhere and all the time, and so easy to make, then what’s of value? which pictures matter? Is it the hard won photograph, knowing, controlled, previsualised? Yes. Or are those contrived, dry and belabored? Sometimes. Is it the offhand snapshot made on a whim. For sure. Or is that just a lucky observation, some random moment caught by chance? Maybe. Is it an intuitive expression of liquid intelligence? Exactly. Or the distillation of years of looking seeing thinking photography. Definitely."

Read more here: http://www.paulgrahamarchive.com/writings_by.html

Monday, 2 August 2010

Fantastic Man

After far too long, I finally went to see the new Tillmans’ show at The Serpentine Gallery - I need to go back many more times, it’s an incredibly peaceful place. For anyone who has not yet seen the show, you must!

I feel that I cannot really explain what Wolfgang’s work does to me. All I can say is this is why I love Photography, this is what inspires me and I can’t live without it. Wolfgang Tillmans has revolutionised the medium and we should all be extremely grateful to his continuing wonder.

There is also a wonderful article in Fantastic Man, a magazine about this fantastic man. Here is a beautiful quote,

“My ultimate, ultimate truth is that ultimately I don’t know. People pretend that they do. My fundamental understanding is that I might always be wrong. I may be assured or confident, but I could always be wrong. I think that’s probably one of my biggest strengths, that I don’t fear failing. Or I know the fear of failing is a huge inhibitor. So many people don’t achieve what they want to achieve because they are too precious about losing face in the short term. And so, for example, with photography as a medium, you have to be embarrassed sometimes.”

Wolfgang Tillmans, pg 100, 11th issue, Fantastic Man, 2010.

Image Copyright Wolfgang Tillmans, Wald (Briol I), 2008
Courtesy of the artist and Maureen Paley, London.

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