Monday, 2 August 2010

Fantastic Man

After far too long, I finally went to see the new Tillmans’ show at The Serpentine Gallery - I need to go back many more times, it’s an incredibly peaceful place. For anyone who has not yet seen the show, you must!

I feel that I cannot really explain what Wolfgang’s work does to me. All I can say is this is why I love Photography, this is what inspires me and I can’t live without it. Wolfgang Tillmans has revolutionised the medium and we should all be extremely grateful to his continuing wonder.

There is also a wonderful article in Fantastic Man, a magazine about this fantastic man. Here is a beautiful quote,

“My ultimate, ultimate truth is that ultimately I don’t know. People pretend that they do. My fundamental understanding is that I might always be wrong. I may be assured or confident, but I could always be wrong. I think that’s probably one of my biggest strengths, that I don’t fear failing. Or I know the fear of failing is a huge inhibitor. So many people don’t achieve what they want to achieve because they are too precious about losing face in the short term. And so, for example, with photography as a medium, you have to be embarrassed sometimes.”

Wolfgang Tillmans, pg 100, 11th issue, Fantastic Man, 2010.

Image Copyright Wolfgang Tillmans, Wald (Briol I), 2008
Courtesy of the artist and Maureen Paley, London.

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  1. Hey Melinda
    I've been menaing to go and see this show for some time, but have now been inspired by your comments to make it happen before it's too late. I hunted high and low for Fantastic Man but you try finding such a thing in Birmingham... Terrific quote and absolutely true - fear of failure is something that's held me back in the past and it's a vicious circle.
    Anyway, hope all's going well for you and hopefully see you again someday... Keep in touch.


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