Wednesday, 8 August 2012

One Of The Most Exciting And Insane Books

So the last meeting happened and wow what a concluding meeting it was. One of my designers said "It's one of the most exciting and insane books I've ever worked on." So with that in mind I can now say that the entire book is going to be made from Stickers! 

With 33 images each one with their textual counterparts, that's 66 stickers to place into one book, so its going to take sometime. Every one is going to be handmade and above is a sneaky peak of the final layouts and design, including the Special Edition packaging, although this will be a little different, so those of you that have pre ordered this will have a lovely surprise when you get it!

Next stage is the printing, so I will be heading off to Robstolk in Amsterdam city centre in the next few weeks to see the printing press in action, I am very excited about this and will be working on a making off video too of the entire production.

Until then.....

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