Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tate to Tate

I have been enjoying a very cultural weekend, Saturday at Frieze Art Fair then off to the Tates today! I have been meaning to visit the Tate Britain to see the Muybridge exhibition for a while now so decided that I should do both, as I wanted to see the new Turbine installation at the Tate Modern.

The above pictures are of the new Unilever series by artist Ai Weiwei, called Sunflower Seeds 2010. This installation is beautiful, every sunflower seed is hand made of porcelain and there are 100 million in the turbine hall, every seed apparently identical is in fact a unique piece in its own right, bringing questions about China's economy and the geo-politics that surround the country. It is a stunning piece, a must see!

There is also a wonderful documentary about the making of the project at the Tate and online here

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