Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dirk Stewen

Dirk Stewen's show is currently on at Maureen Paley and is a wonderful exhibition, his first in the UK, which puts together works on paper that present his artistic strategy. The works use different sources of imagery, all that have been collected in his studio in Hamburg. From photocopies, inkjets to Indian ink dyed photographic sheets all works, as the press release states "represent his basic principle: to keep his work in a constant state of becoming."

The works are delicate. Carefully sewn pieces of confetti, mixed with larger pieces and other objects are thread together over photographic sheets, some dyed repeatedly so that layers of black ink create new patterns on the surface of the paper. For me, like the black sea or a night sky with lights floating up into space. The watercolours are stunning, mixed with what appears to be torn paper, the inks merge into one creating what seems to reference developing organic matter. The pieces for me act as almost an escape, a brief glance into another time, a new place of calm.

This exhibition has been deeply inspiring and I will shortly be creating some new works, taking onboard what Stewen has achieved here. The show is on until 14th November see more here;

Images copyright Dirk Stewen 2010

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