Monday, 8 November 2010

Ctrl + C Festival

I am one of the artists participating in the new catalogue from Studio Blanco running parallel to the festival Ctrl + C in Capri. My images are also used for all the PR/ Communication for the project, which I am very excited about. The book is based upon a "nonexistent Exhibition" with the theme "Everyday,” and has some great names taking part, from Richard Kern, Nadav Kander to Kim Gordon. Here is an introduction to the book,

"One by one, scroll through the days. Some long, seemingly endless. Others slip away, as if we had not even met them. Some remain in our memories forever. Others are repeated in a cycle of almost becoming bored. Show some love and serenity. More a blanket of darkness and torment. Some happen and it is as if they had not. Others are turning points. Some keep their promises. Others see them breaking. Some are eagerly awaited. Others do not have expectations.”

In the days that opposites coexist. The essence of our being contradictory.

The book will be available for preview during the festival and later online. To find out more about the festival and the artists participating look here, . and

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