Monday, 22 February 2010

Osang Gwon

The images above are by Osang Gwon titled, from top to bottom, “Unbearable heaviness, 1999” and “Meaningless emission, 2000.”  These pieces are photographic sculptures that have been composed by what appears to be photographs of the objects or subjects then pieced, glued and varnished together. They seem to be life size and his work often incorporates people, which I have chosen not to show as I really don’t like those, nor or they appropriate for my new body of work. 

My new body of work will revolve around making objects out of photographs in a similar way to which Gwon and Demand do. I need to start testing my theories out and see if what I anticipate to work will in fact do just that. What interests me is that each object I recreate will be an original and they will be deconstructed from the mass manufacture, which they were designed to excel in. Each object will be unperfected with unique folds, joins and gaps no one will ever be the same. This new body of work will try to question societies need for monotony, where we feel more comfort in knowing that we have the same as someone else.

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