Tuesday, 20 July 2010

We are indebted to you

I saw this wonderful article in the Guardian today, posing the question, “Was John Szarkowski the most influential person in 20th-century photography?” The article, by Sean O’Hagan shows us the wondrous genius that was Szarkowski and explains how his brilliance, almost single handedly changed the perception of photography in our time.

Szarkowski suggested in his book, The Photographer's Eye (1964) that "Photography, and our understanding of it, has spread from a centre; it has, by infusion, penetrated our consciousness. Like an organism, photography was born whole. It is in our progressive discovery of it that its history lies."

This piece is an excellent read and I for one, would like to applaud Szarkowski for all that he has done for photography and photographers in our changing times.


John Szarkowski in 1975, copyright Richard Avedon/ Richard Avedon Foundation.

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