Wednesday, 19 January 2011


So, I am back and what a trip it has been! A completely amazing experience and something I will never forget. There is so much to write about, but I think it is best to start with the exhibition, "Alice in Wonderland" at the cultural centre, Logomo in Turku.

The space was incredible, a converted warehouse with floor to ceiling windows and untreated concrete, absolutely stunning. The walls were suspended and the show was curated brilliantly, spiraling to the centre as if you were in a maze. As you can see the space was pretty huge and my works sat at the centre, with the book acting as a full stop to this section of the exhibition. The domed glass really added to the plinth and the book worked so well underneath it.

The private views were very exciting and it was so good to meet all the curators and artists in the show, a great night was had by all, particularly a small group of us to failed to be turned off my the cold blue night and drinking into the early hours!

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