Monday, 14 February 2011


Today I made a start on my new project. This project is an extremely personal one about the death of my dearest friend, who died last year in April. The work will bring together my continuing, ever changing grief in a hopefull and honest way. The process of making such a body of work brings forth many questions, but I am sure that through the use of photography this can and will be a beautiful collection of thoughts and emotions that can bring comfort to such tradegy.

The image above shows the start of a rose wreath that I am making for this project. This was something that has given me comfort throughout my thoughts, as I remember these wreaths being draped over a photograph at his Hindu memorial.

"Munuscula" is the working title in Latin for Little Gifts, this is something that will be slowly revealed in this body of work.

Image copyright Melinda Gibson 2011

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