Wednesday, 30 March 2011

And So It Ends

And so it ends. The last photomontages are made and the series "The Photograph as Contemporary Art" is finalised with 33 unique pieces and what a journey it has been. The images above, from left to right are "Photomontage XXXI, (taken from pages 29, 72, 88.)" , "Photomontage XXXII, (taken from pages 109, 120, 218.)" and "Photomontage XXX, (taken from pages 37, 42, 46.)"

I would like to take this opportunity to wholehartedly thank all the photographers whose images are published in Charlotte Cotton's book and especially to the artists whose images I have used in the 33 pieces, I couldn't have made such a sucessful body of work without your work - Thank You!

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