Monday, 14 November 2011

Bill Stickers

So I have now returned from my trip to Paris, Paris Photo, Off Print and Nofound which really was an excellent trip, filled with much laughter, great work, wine and fantastic company. I will post later about what went on in Paris, which exhibitions I saw, the overall debrief of the trip. but first a lovely little image that shows off the flyers that my designers made for the pre-sale of my publication, coming in early 2012.

I collected the package from my designers Kummer & Herrman on Friday afternoon at Le Bal, a lovely little exhibition space with an incredible cafe serving some amazing food. I was very excited to see what they were like and they are truly fantastic! You can peal off the middle section of the flyer, so it was only right to promote the book in the correct fashion, spreading the word around Paris with the stickers! A special thank you to everyone who participated, very funny indeed! The image above is a little taster of what, where and how they look.

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