Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Thank You Cadiz

So the adventure started last Friday morning, early! It was a very family affair as my partner, I and my parents took to the skies and flew to Gibraltar to then drive into Spain and onto Cadiz. What an adventure it was, filled with much laughter and an abundance of great food and wine, not to mention the beautiful space that was the ECCO where the exhibition was held.

From start to finish, every minute of the trip was fantastic. The city of Cadiz itself is stunning and I would strongly recommend that if you are in the area, near Seville, then take the hour long drive to Cadiz, because the old city is truly lovely and the many restaurants, plaza's are great to enjoy a beer in the evening sun, (which we seemed to do a lot of!)

The exhibition opening was a great success with the Mayor of the city and other museum directors opening the show. The space is stunning, with arched ceilings and marbled floors, it was a true pleasure and honour to be exhibiting in such a great venue and in fact to be taken on a guided tour of the city at night by the major as well as an excellent meal - thank you very much to the city of Cadiz for making our stay so pleasurable.

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