Saturday, 23 February 2013

200th Post, Less Than 20 Hours!

So, it's the 200th post and with less than 20 hours before my trip to Beijing, what better to leave you with than some very new works, literally just tested/ produced on Wednesday for my collaborative project with Thomas Sauvin. What you are seeing, the very first sneaky peek to the first silk screen tests for my intervention into the Silvermine, working with hand drawn screens, produced through my paintings you glimpse the beauty of this medium. These will debut at the Format Photo Festival in Derby where Thomas and I will exhibit our collaborative projects primary, experimental material.

With this in mind, I await an 10-11 hour flight to Beijing and land on Monday morning to bright blue skies, (from what I hear) and an enormous archive of imagery I could of only dreamed of seeing, experiencing and importantly working with. I will be sure to update where-ever as possible and look forward to all that China has to offer!


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