Sunday, 24 March 2013

Preliminary Works - Format Festival

So here are the installation shots from the debut of the Silvermine collaboration at Format Festival in Derby. As you can see these images show you how the venue, an old Chocolate Factory paved way for a very exciting install as I worked with the environment to create a feel that was reminiscent of the recycling unit we visited in Beijing, but in addition to that the entire feel and essence of what we wanted to create with the damaged negatives initially. 

Using paint and pencil, along with silk screens that I had prepared the install provides a wealth of activity showing the different mediums, processes that we are experimenting with to offer up new ways to view this archive. Hand painted elements dripping down, raw, untreated walls detail the vivid colours and blending options of how the damage grows organically. Intermixed with small kodak prints from Beijing of actual negatives I found from the archive.

These preliminary works offer us the inspiration into what we can achieve and how it maybe possible. The wealth of imagery I found can only be dreamt off and as more images come in form the rice bags all I can say is watch this space as what we will be making is truly beautiful and will be worth the wait!

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