Friday, 12 April 2013

Lucid-Ly Opens...

So last night saw the opening launch of the Lucid-Ly showrooms presenting the much anticipated Photobook exhibition, "The Contemporary Photobook." With artists like Martin Parr, WassinkLundgren, Jaap Scheeren, Kummer and Herrman, Mark Mattock to name but a few the exhibits were exciting, challenging and presented in a wonderful space, that was approachable, comfortable and inviting. It was if you had stepped inside a well design living room and quietly looked through their artworks, their Photobook collection, it was completely inviting and beautiful.

The opening was busy with even a guest appearance by Mister Parr himself as well as many amazing curators, magazine editors and Thames and Hudson. My first publication was presented and it was wonderful to see so many people taking the time to look through each and every page, the response was incredible! A perfect launch, with a great audience all taking the time to look through each and every book with care and attention, what more could any artist wish for!

See more here and make an appointment to see the show, it really is something not to be missed: 

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