Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Time Flies, Works Evolve

I can't quite believe that this time a month ago, I was very much in the depths of alchemy, shoulder height, head to toe in acid and nitrate! It is quite astounding how quickly the time flies and how much work has already been made and continues to develop and evolve. Our collaborative project, Lunar Caustic is a true delight to work on and in so many ways it reminds me of why I love Photography as a medium, as we get back to the traditions and classic, hand printing tests commence!

The last few weeks have seen an abundance of inspiration, not only with this delightful collaboration, but also on others that will again like Lunar Caustic debut later this year. It seems 2014 is the year to work with others, bounce ideas off, evolve projects and concepts in a group dynamic, something I have found to be incredibly inspiring and fulfilling. More of these projects at a later date!

Tuesday saw a wonderful day in the printers, the fantastic Artful Dodgers to be precise, testing and testing for the bespoke, on demand editions. There is nothing quite like, working with a great printer for an afternoon, working through the colour balances, tonal qualities and paper types to get one excited, it's beautiful to watch. So with this in mind, another print for release, number 8 in the series!

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