Monday, 3 November 2014

Studio Burning, Book Smoking, Colin Pantal

I am delighted to say that my new book, SPBH Book Club Volume VI has it's first review out already and none other than by one of my favourite photography/book reviewers Mr Colin Pantall! Pantall writes on his blog about my new publication, placing it into the contexts that surround both my practice and the idea of the photobook itself, coming up with some excellent phrases like "So all was well and good in Gibson land" and "this book comes in full smell-o-rama."

Here is a little excerpt from the review, "I think that distances the effect from what makes it so interesting - its directness and the manner in which it changes the way you experience the pictures and puts you in the place using very basic sensory tools. So the gimmick here does not change the ease of how you see the pictures, it isn't something incorporated into the page design. Instead it adds something to how you see the pictures. It's a caption that works on a primaeval level. Smoke and its associations is a fundamental smell that has been with us since some woman rubbed two sticks together and came up with fire."

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