Saturday, 3 January 2015

Notable Books Of 2014 - "If We Were At The Oscars..."

Firstly, a very, very Happy New Year! 2014 has been and gone, and what a year it was for many. It was a nice surprise to end the year, seeing that my last publication, the collaboration with Self Publish Be Happy Editions, "SPBH Book Club Volume VI" was selected as 1 of the notable books of 2014 on Cuatro Cuerpos along with some very special artists and books including, Moriyama, Cartier-Bresson, Timothy Prus, Archive of Modern Conflict, Yukihito Kono, Yokota and many more. Here's what they said about our book.

"If we were at the Oscars, we would have to have a prize for best special effects. There would be many contenders, but the prize would certainly go to Melinda Gibson’s SPBH Book Club VI, published by SPBH Editions. Her studio burned down, but instead of trying to save her work she taped large format negatives to the wall and left them there to endure the fire and the water. Out of the ruins Gibson made a book that she smokes and seals in a plastic bag. When read, the scent of burnt wood envelops the reader turning the act of reading into a synesthetic experience."

See more of the notable books here:

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