Tuesday, 21 April 2015

5 Years - 1826 Days - Automatic

5 years, 1826 days and I finally feel ready to release the words and films that have been so dear to me for these past years. Today, five years ago, my life changed, along with many others - it was the end of our youth as my dearest friend committed suicide on the 21st April in 2010. It's taken many years to come to terms with the heartache, the longing and the sorrow that followed that day and there are still days where it feels as though someones hands are around my neck, squeezing the breath out of me, but today the weight is much, much lighter and I want to share with you an openness, the works I made over these past five years.

Automatic, brings together a collection of works that I made, encompassing 12 automatic typewriter texts - unconscious streams of writing, almost poetic in there nature, where mistakes are many and letters run into one another. The subject matter, often dark has an honesty that bares itself open, these texts, written in 2011 physically act as a release. The short film, 11 AM is 1 of 13 that captures the passing of time, every hour on the hour, as the first anniversary dawned. Each short film, ten to fifteen minutes long, quietly documents the light falling on my written eulogy and the sounds that echo from outside, the noises of normality.

This year will see the final film made and a closing of this project, so stay turned to see the results and all that 2016 has to offer. 

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