Saturday, 5 March 2016

ASX.TV: “Rebirth Negated By Truant Hope” - Melinda Gibson & Brad Feuerhelm

ASX, (American Suburb X) TV, bring to light the collaborative project I worked on with Brad Feuerhelm for a bespoke SPBH performance event at The Photographers' Gallery in conjunction with Aperture's Photobook Review! 

Reworking the text Brad wrote centred on the Richard Peter's book, Dresden: eine Kamera klagt an Dresdener Verlagsgesellschaft Dresden, Germany, 1949. The short film is an appropriation of internet source material backed with audio, text feed into a programme creating the generated script of an American voice. The resulting work is full of programme glitches, archival imagery with an overwhelming odour of destruction. A fast and playful piece that encapsulates Feuerhelm's text, echoing the original source material of the Dresden bombings.

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