Saturday, 12 May 2018

Peckham 24 Talks Programme - Saturday 19 May - 3rd Edition's Key Focus: Generosity & Hospitality


As part of the third edition of the Peckham 24 contemporary photography festival, artist Melinda Gibson, writer Duncan Wooldridge (both Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London) and artist Steffi Klenz, have curated a programme of talks and discussions which address debates in contemporary photography.
In contrast to traditional talks events, the programme has been composed not of generic or monolithic talks, but discursive events based around hospitality, dialogue and debate. Intended for both contemporary producers and young artists and photographers, a key theme of the programme is its focus upon generosity and support: acknowledging and emphasising the necessity of forms of exchange and community which resist the tendency towards an atomised and individualistic culture. Attendees of all talks events are invited to join a shared lunch where speakers, attendees and organisers can talk together; artists will take part in discussions in an intimate environment.
The programme touches across a wide range of areas of contemporary practices, exploring new ways of working, contemporary politics and economics, contemporary and historic qualities and properties of the image, the application of post-human ideas to photography, and Peckham itself as a centre of contemporary production and dissemination. Highlights include artist Penelope Umbrico debating the importance of generosity, teaching, and forms of community; artist Taisuke Koyama in conversation in his solo exhibition ‘Sensor Code’ at Seen Fifteen; Thomas Kuijpers, Lisa Barnard and Felicity Hammond debating the subject of contemporary politics as a subject for photography; and Bruno Roels, Dafna Talmor and Melinda Gibson discussing new ways of working in photography. Tickets are priced at £2 and are available through TicketSource.
To conclude, a special dinner has been arranged which does not bring together all of the events speakers, but brings a selection of emerging artists, into contact with curators, publishers and supporters of the arts who are notable for their generosity and support of emerging practice. Photography courses across the country have been invited to nominate a recent graduate – who has not yet received the acknowledgement their work merits – to join the dinner. Food is prepared by Leo and Scott, an emerging South London caterers (, who have prepared a special menu that encourages exchange and interaction.
For information about the programme, please see the attached schedule below, with timings and a full list of speakers. For additional enquiries and press, please contact
Peckham 24 opens on Friday 18th May at 6pm, and exhibitions run until Sunday 20th May.

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