Thursday, 15 October 2009

New Work

The above images “Jeff Wall, Insomnia, 2009” & “Jeff Wall, Passerby, 2009” © Melinda Gibson are a couple of my new works.

My initial starting point for this new body of work was the book by Charlotte Cotton, "The Photograph as Contemporary Art". This is an introducery text that every Photography student is given, to learn inside out. Through reading and observing the images you can never truly take part.

 The importance of the canonisation within the education system becomes apparent as the same names, images dominant our institutions. For me taking this book apart helps to question this images, far more than when they are within the constraints of a book. By slicing, cutting and de-contextualising the images you start to gain a greater appreciation of the works, start understanding why and how the these images have been created.

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