Monday, 5 October 2009


Further research I have undertaken to aid and inform the new collage works that I am currently putting together are the photomontages of the Dadaists. The Berlin Dadaists are of particular attention for me as described by Dawn Ades, they “used the photograph as a ready-made image, pasting it together with cuttings from newspapers and magazines, lettering and drawing to form a chaotic, explosive image, a provocative dismembering of reality.” Pg. 12-13, Photomontage, 1986.

 What is very important to me is the idea of dismembering reality through photography, using resolved images and cutting, slicing parts out then resembling those parts with other to create new images. Both Hannah Hoch’s and Raoul Hausmann’s photomontages are very useful and have given me great inspiration, but I have researched the Dadaists many times before as I am a great fan of their work.

Works above from left to right are, © Hannah Hoch "Da Dandy" 1919 and  © Raoul Hausmann "The Art Critic" 1919.

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