Sunday, 14 March 2010

Scott Short

The above images titled from top right to bottom centre are, “Untitled, (violet) 2008,”Untitled (white) 2005” and “Untitled (green) 2009” are works by the American artist Scott Short born in 1964.

Short is an artist who has produced a body of work that focuses on large-scale paintings created from the abstracting process of reproduction. He paints the results of photocopying colour construction paper over and over. The results become black and white paintings at sizes like 82” x 60”. They comment on the copy becoming the original and the machine becoming the creative author in production. They have a wonderful place within our digitalised world and have been incredible research for yet another project I am undertaking. 

I have previously created a body of work that is exactly that. Four years ago at Degree level I completed a body of work that consisted of  large scale photocopies, commenting on the loss of the original and the reproduction process that aids this. I want to revisit this idea, with a mature take on the process as well as our new digitalised ideals. I will reproduce images through the traditional method - analogue enlargements in the darkroom. I will also be trying outing the project through photocopies once more and seeing what works best. Keep a look out for new posts relating to this experimentation, I enter the darkroom tomorrow!

All works above © Scott Short, 2005-2009.

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