Monday, 29 March 2010

Dunes, gullies and craters

“I don't think I've seen images more beautiful and affecting for a long time.” This is what Sam Leith said in an amazing article talking about the photographs beamed back from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Satellite. This article published on Sunday 21st March in the Guardian is well worth a read and the images are something quite unexplainable. 

I have never been one to get overexcited about space; in fact I have always felt that the Moon Landings are somewhat of a hoax, but seeing these photographs of Mars, something changed. I have been completely moved by these images and would say that they are truly sublime. They make you see in a new way, a place where we are not so important, but are at the mercy of these great natural forces. 

Look at these links:

All images are copyright, NASA.

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