Friday, 2 April 2010

Abigail Reynolds

The above image is titled, “Piccadilly Circus 1951 / 1973, 2008”and is by the artist Abigail Reynolds who is represented by Seventeen Gallery. She has a new body of work showing at Seventeen, which opens on Wednesday 7th April 2010.

I really love Reynolds works as she uses vintage bookplates and creates these wonderfully three dimensional photographic collages that are beautifully put together. The work plays with the idea of the photographic object ensuring that the audience has feel pleasure when viewing, as the perspectives change when looking at the pieces.

The cuts, slices and folds in the plates, for me, resemble a flock of birds flying up through Piccadilly Circus, or a mass of insects burrowing under the page. I think they are fantastic and I will definitely be at the opening to see the work.

Work above copyright Abigail Reynolds.

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