Monday, 30 May 2011


"Fuji Fujicolor Reala, 100asa, Troubled Land, 1984, from the series Films, 2011" pictured above is a new body of work by Paul Graham currently showing at Anthony Reyolds Gallery, but it does close on 4th June, so it's the last week to see this extraordinary body of work.

Graham's series "Films"
is rather simple in its process but excels in aesthetics by questioning the very structure that makes the medium what it is and has been. The press release explains, "While examining his work of the past 30 years for the major survey exhibition arriving at the Whitechapel Gallery this month, Graham became enraptured with the base material of his craft and began to reflect upon the physical substance with which his images were made. Scanning the negatives for the exhibition, he began also to scan the blank film ends and unexposed frames from each body of work. What Graham gathered in the process he saw as a 'negative retrospective' of his practice. These luscious and beguiling abstract images are nothing more than greatly enlarged images of raw emulsion, the colour dye clouds formed in the exposure and development of film."

The images are presented in a small, classic manner that reflects the beauty of the imagery and the nostalgic element to the work. This series is very beautiful and has very successfully brought together nostalgia and abstraction in a highly considered and thoughtful examination of the medium.

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