Sunday, 22 May 2011

Miesiąca Fotografii w Krakowie 2011

So I am back from Krakow, in fact I have been back for a week now but before I posted about my trip I really needed some time to digest everything that was seen, viewed and experienced. I am not too sure were to start really, so much happened and what a trip it was, but this is a good place to start, our location and our locals!

The apartment choice was fantastic, being right next to The Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery and a couple of minutes from the main square. The festival bureau was located just behind, in a stunning building on Sw. Tomasza Street positioned over a great local called Cafe Camelot. We spent many an afternoon and evening drinking and eating in these beautiful places, taking in the Polish culture, discussing photography and if everyone would benefit from having an Alias of their own.

The opening weekend was packed full of Alias openings from Friday to Sunday we walked around the city entering numerous galleries and museums, taking in the stunning city scenery while we walked. From George and Patricia Beacher, Jack of Surprises to Plantinga on the first night to Lester B. Morrison, Neville Lister and Not in Order of Appearance finalising on Sunday afternoon. Each opening proved to be another mindful, extraordinarily well curated exhibit, providing visually exciting uses of the medium alongside imaginative biographies of nonexistent artists.

Keep up to date with the festival here:

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