Sunday, 26 June 2011

Boo Ritson

As it is such a lovely summery day today, it felt appropriate to draw your attention to something I did a few years back as I just found the print the other day again. The image above is called "Pin-Up" (it's me) and is by the artist Boo Ritson, I am sure many of your have heard about this artist but if you have not here is a little bit of information about her process.

"Boo Ritson depicts characters and still lifes drawn from her own imagined narratives merged with borrowed Americana. For each piece she paints her subject in a thick emulsion and then has the scene photographed whilst the paint is still wet. The resulting image sits somewhere between painting, sculpture, performance and photography."

Being covered head to toe in emulsion paint is quite an experience, something that was very fun and odd all at the same time. Her process uses photography to record, capturing those moments just before everything is washed away; I think it's a very interesting take on the medium. More information about Boo Ritson and other works can be found here:

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