Thursday, 9 June 2011


The image above is by Jeremy Hutchison and is titled "Transcript, 2008" a performance that is every word he said on 21/01/2007. I found this body of work after I saw Hutchison's piece "Blown to Brits, News of the World, 20th March 2011" at Art Sensus. I wanted to find out a bit more about the artist as the approach and theories behind his work, I found to be very insightful and inspiring. Trained in linguistics, his relationship with text is deep routed and provides an intellectualism, at times with a hint of humour. This body of work I found to be very stunning and other projects worth mentioning are "Wet and Wild, 2009", "The English Tourist and the Oslo Agreement, 2009" and "Katrina, 2008" which is a image caught on a 110 film camera, found buried in dirt after Hurrican Katrina.

See more of Hutchison's work here,

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