Thursday, 4 July 2013

New Experiment, New Research

Yesterday saw another afternoon spent working with the School of Arts and Social Sciences, in the Memory Research Unit on new experiments and research into new works. Working with a PHD student, I undertook and will be undertaking a weeks long experiment into Autobiographical memory, through the use of photographic imagery, wearing a specialist camera for events during 5 days!

Before that can all start, I had to undertake a Cognitive Test, known as the WASI IQ test and go through some rather interesting and odd tests, measuring for general cognitive ability, crystallized abilities, nonverbal fluid abilities as well as visuomotor/coordination. Through the use of Vocabulary, Similarities, Block design and Matrix reasoning testing you can work out the score. 

While under the experiment, I became increasingly intrigued by the use of the blocks and the form in which you use them to recreate a pattern in front of you, timed! This connection between what you see and what you have to recreate is something that really excited me as I thought about it in terms of photography and the very 'act' of looking. 

With the next part of the experiment starting on Monday, I can't wait to see the results and start putting the data together into new works, watch this space....

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