Friday, 12 July 2013

Visions of the Universe

This week saw the start and finish of my first experiment for the Autobiographical Memory study, using a camera to record events in my day and what I remember and recall. So with this in mind, I decided to curate a week of events that I would normally do into a shorter, condensed period of time. So I decided to make sure that I visited some exhibitions that I had been meaning to see.

A day trip off to Greenwich sent me to the wonderfully ore inspiring exhibition, "Visions of the Universe" at the National Maritime Museum. Now, usually an exhibition about Science wouldn't get me so excited but this show is quite literally something else. As you wonder around the darkened exhibition, astounding images present themselves, showing you the world outside of us, above and beyond us and our perception. The imagery is quite unbelievable as you see the first ever images of the sun and moon as well as the "Transit of Venus" intermixed with abstract images of Galaxies and Nebulas. In addition a wonderful surprise collection of photographs by my favourite artist of all time, Mr Wolfgang Tillmans with his photographs of the "Transit of Venus" beautiful and sensitively taken, a piece of stunning work, intertwined with Science, what a combination!

These abstracted forms, these images that exist to show us these take you on a journey into a space you know nothing of and can't quite understand nor truly comprehend as its so many millions of years away. But seeing this exhibition really got me thinking about this notion of 'seeing' and what it really means.    

What really resinated with me while walking through this exhibition was how the abstracted imagery, or so what it seemed, of the Nebulas and Galaxies really had such a direct link to the abstracted, damaged negatives that I have found in the Beijing Silvermine project that I am collaborating on. There decay, unbelievable colours and textual foundations could almost be taken for being images from space and this link between incomprehension and inspiration rang so true to me with this body of work. I feel a link between the two is certainly an investigation to pursue.

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