Friday, 7 March 2014

500,000 Down To 75 Tests

So the time is marching on and I can't quite believe that it is March already and with so much more to come from these next few weeks, I can hardly await to see what is around each corner! And what better way to start this spring month than with the finalisation of the editing process, all 500,000 images looked through, edited down to a very small and concise edit of 75 photographs. 

From this wonderful edit, the creation starts, develops, with each image worked on and the resulting effects taking hold of the image in there wondrous, mystic and black magic ways. I continue to test the effects, looking for patterns and making observations on just how this solution controls the prints, the colours and the textures, but with every leap forward, a little tap on the shoulder remaining you of how organic processes control you! For me, this is what makes this project just so incredibly giving, it's a lesson in patience, in pausing and watching just how far the changes can go, before my nature takes control and I freeze the process.

Every step of the way, there are lessons learnt, taught and viewed with amazing, splendid results produced. It really does speak so much of Photography and in such a Post Photographic age, where we all watch, but do we really see and how much is lost.

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