Saturday, 22 March 2014

Embassy, Printers, Tests

Friday saw a great day, many exciting conversations had and much more planned. My initial outing, a trip to the Chinese Embassy to put in my Visa application and I will be successfully collecting my passport next week with yet another Visa to added to my others. I can not wait to head to Beijing, the time just can't go quick enough, but then again with so much to do beforehand, lets not wish away the minutes just yet! 

Then onto a the wonderful Artful Dodgers printers in Hatton Gardens to see my first set of tests and what a lovely feeling to be back in a hand printers basement, seeing the spotting inks, the contact sheets and beautifully printed images pinned to the walls. It's been a while since I shot film and it was a true pleasure to get back my 120 negatives and that feeling, that anticipation is something that never fails to excite me, which is a good thing as I will be returning from Beijing with many films to develop.

Prepping continues and with my flight in less than 2 weeks time, much to organise and pack for, even a little surprise weather update with temperatures in the mid twenties, so lets hope for sunny skies and little smog! More to come soon...

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